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About Us

Asian Impex was founded in 1987 by its current CEO and owner Yousef Orang. In the beginning the aim was to import and sell pistachios from his homeland Iran. Shortly thereafter a demand for more products arose and eventually the company became a small supplier of ethnic food. The last few years we've focused on more new products and segments such as nuts, dried fruit and snacks.

Today Asian Impex is a family run company, with both first and second generation at the reins. Our basic idea is still the same as at the beginning; import and distribution of food supplies. Our market has steadily expanded and our products can now be found all over Sweden. Some of our products are packed in our facilities right outside Uppsala, where also our office, packing facilities, warehouse and laboratory resides.

Our main product categories are: nuts, dried fruit, snacks, mixes, rice and saffron. We specialize in products presented on display pallets with focus on a healthy and contemporary selection. Top quality service is always our priority, together with selected products adapted to the Swedish market for a good price.

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Quality and environment

Thanks to our carefully set routines overseeing all of our processes and production steps we can reach a high standard of quality control our customers and consumers always can be satisfied with. We work according to a very strict self-inspection program for food safety and we collaborate with Anticimex for best possible control. During the spring of 2011 we became BRC-certified with highest grade A. In our laboratory we make quality tests on our products, among other things we use a spectrophotometer when analyzing saffron. When it comes to microbiological tests we collaborate with Eurofin, one of the largest lab-groups in the world.

For us it’s also important to protect the environment, we have a strict environmental policy and will do our outmost to reduce our environmental impact. We are, among other things, connected to REPA which helps us fulfill our responsibilities as producers.

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